Our Fall dance semester runs from August 8th through December 16th and concludes with a Christmas Recital: Santa’s Workshop.

Class Offerings:

This is generalized dance class placement for your dancer based on age. Experience and skill level placement is at the discretion of the teacher and adjustments may occur.  Additional classes covering other genres can be added for an additional monthly fee.

Add-on Classes 

*Any additional class is considered an add-on class if your performer registers for one class at base tuition.

All dance classes held at The Coach House | 1104 Hwy 49 E, Pleasant View, TN 37146

3:30-4:55pm7-10Level II: Minis Trio Class ABallet, Tap, and Jazz
5:00-5:45pm10-15Intermediate Ballet
5:45-6:30pm11-15Jazz Funk
6:30-7:15pmPointe- Ballet
7:15-8:00pm18-65Adult Dance ClassMixed Genres- Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Stretching and flexibility.
11:00-11:45am18-24mosParent & Me!Creative Movement
12:00-1:00pm4-6Home School Level I: Littles Combo Class DTap & Ballet
3:45-4:30pm4-8Tumbling I & II ABasic Tumbling Skills
4:35-5:30pm4-6Level I: Littles Combo Class ATap & Ballet
5:35-6:20pm4-8Tumbling I & II BBasic Tumbling Skills
6:30-7:30pmClosedCompetition Dance Team
12:00-12:55pm4-6Home School Level I: Littles Combo Class ETap & Ballet
1:00-1:45pm4-8Home School Tumbling I & IIBasic Tumbling Skills
3:45-4:30pm6-12Hip Hop
4:30-5:15pm7-15Intermediate Tumbling
5:15-6:00pm7-15Musical Theatre
5:30-6:30pm5-12Visual ArtsMixed media, drawing, painting, etc.
6:30-8:00pm7-10Level II: Minis Combo Class BBallet, Tap, Jazz
11:00-11:45am18-24mosParent & Me!Creative Movement
11:45-12:30pm6-12Home School Hip Hop
1:00-2:00pm5-12Home School Visual ArtsPaint, Draw, Sculpt, etc.
3:45-4:30pm4-8Tumbling I & II CBasic Tumbling Skills
4:35-5:30pm4-6Level I: Littles Combo Class BTap & Ballet
5:35-6:30pm4-6Level I: Littles Combo Class CTap & Ballet
11:00-11:45am7-12Home School Ballet: Level II
11:45-12:30pm7-12Home School Jazz: Level II
9:00-9:55am3.5-6Saturday Level I: Littles Combo ClassTap & Ballet
10:00-11:30am7-10Saturday Level II: Minis Trio Combo ClassBallet, Tap, & Jazz
11:45-12:30pm5-10Jazz Funk Mini
1:00-1:45pm12-65Stretch & Flexibility
2:00-3:00pm5-16Saturday Visual Arts